Joint Industry Association of Georiga

Supporting Georgia's Manufacturing and Supply Chain Industry Associations

JIAG's Mission and Function
JIAG is comprised of membership associations that support the manufacturing industry in Georgia. Through partnership and collaboration, each member group benefits by leveraging the strengths of the other members.

Our neutral organization enjoys the participation of key players in the local manufacturing community. These include leaders in engineering, operations, executive leadership, logistics, packaging, and more. By working together, members of JIAG have developed a community of support for the manufacturing industry in Georgia.

The basic functions of JIAG are:

  • to assist JIAG organizations in membership growth and event promotion
  • to advance the communications of manufacturing professionals
  • to promote best practices in all aspects of manufacturing

Members of JIAG are asked to

  • post events, tours and trainings on the Georgia Manufacturing Calendar (GMC)
  • encourage all association members to register for alerts on the GMC
  • provide discounted member event rates to members of the partner associations

Watch the video below to see our latest joint project

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